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Medical Practice Internship

A Competitive Edge for Your High Schooler

Medical Practice Internships are offered three times per year for two weeks per internship. Spots are limited and competitive, and are only available to high school Juniors and Seniors living in Northern Nevada.

In addition to the valuable education obtained during these internships, students will gain hands-on experience within the Primary Care setting and (if earned) will leave with a Letter of Recommendation for the Medical School of their choice. 

2024-2025 Sessions

Session #1: July 9 - August 2, & August 5- 9
Applications due by June 30, 2024

Session #2: TBD - Winter Break 2024

Session #3: TBD - Spring Break 2025

All sessions begin at 7:00 am and conclude at 4:00 pm,
with a lunch hour from 12:00 - 1:00.

Sessions are currently located at the Mayberry Gardens clinic, though this is subject to change.

There is a $40 fee to apply.
If chosen, the preceptor fee for the 2-week program is $1300.

What to Expect                       Application

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What to Expect

This program is designed to leave students with a well-rounded introduction to owning and operating their own medical practice, and interacting with patients within the role of a medical provider. Each day will begin with 1 hour of education, will include of 6 hours of shadowing real providers working with real patients, and will end with a homework assignment that will be due the next day. On the 5th day of the session, students will have an opportunity to interview medical professionals at every level, to help them gauge their area of interest. On the 10th day of the session, students will perform Head-to-Toe physical assessments on volunteer patients and perform a Complete Medical History Intake Assessment. No other program in Northern Nevada allows interns to practice hands-on assessment at this level. 

Additional learning will include short online courses required prior to starting the internship, including "Patient Privacy & Confidentiality", and "Patient Rights and Responsibilities". Students will also actively participate research efforts made on behalf of patient diagnoses.
Students will not learn information provided in Health class, such as anatomy or healthy habits.

Week 1 - The first week will start with basic information about the different kinds of medicine and how a medical office runs.
Day 1: Tour, Introductions, & Expectations; Homework - Medical Terminology
Day 2: Inpatient vs Outpatient Medicine; Homework - Medical Pathways
Day 3: The Provider Experience, A-Z; Homework - Throughput Exercise
Day 4: Admins Make the World Go Round; Homework - Practice Budget Exercise
Day 5: Careers Panel! Students can interview every level of outpatient medical professional: Admin, CNA, MA, RN, APRN, PA, MD, & DO.

Homework - 250-word reflection essay.

Week 2 - The second week will focus on physical assessment & history-taking from the perspective of a Primary Care Provider.
Day 6: Vital Signs; Homework - Triage Exercise
Day 7: Listening to Hearts & Lungs; Homework - Basic Patient Questions
Day 8: HEENT Exam; Homework - Social Assessment Patient Questions
Day 9: MSK Exam; Homework - SOAP Note
Day 10: Hands-On Learning Day! Students will practice on volunteers.

Benefits of participating in Reno Family Medical Group's Medical Practice Internship:

  • Students will not be doing grunt work or filing papers in a back-room, they will be learning from the Medical Provider first-hand 100% of the time.

  • Due to the unique, private environment of Reno Family Medical Group, students will be encouraged to interact with patients, ask questions, and engage in hands-on assessments and research collaborations.

  • This is the only internship that offers both clinical training and health systems training at the same time. This introductory learning will help student making meaningful choices in their college course work. For instance, many people do not wish to learn the pathophysiology of disease, but may feel drawn to hospital operations management. Knowing this before starting college can make the learning process more efficient and allow students to get ahead.

  • Students will be taught from the perspective of owning and operating their own medical practice - not simply learning to work for someone else.

  • Students who take this opportunity seriously will leave with a letter of recommendation that will be able to speak to the student's unique area of scholastic interest, their strengths demonstrated during the sessions, and can attest to hand-on physical assessment experience with real patients.

  • Students will gain first-degree network connections with providers and administrators in other specialties. 

  • All past and current students will be considered "internal applicants" if they apply for a position with Reno Family Medical Group  (or an affiliated partner) and will be considered before external applicants. 


Please understand: These internships are hard work. A lot will be asked of these students. They should not apply if they are not committed to attending all 10 days - on time and for the full amount of time - participating and engaging in-session, and completing the nightly homework. They will be asked to dress professionally, put away their cell phones except when instructed, and act in a professional and mature manner.


Only 2 applicants will be selected per session. If a selected student is wasting the preceptor's time they will be asked not to return, without refund.

Assignments will be announced 7 days after the close of the application cycle for the session. Students will be contacted in order of preference, until both spots have been filled. The 2024-2025 application cycle will open May 1, 2024.

Letter of Interest: Applicants should include a letter of interest including the reason they believe they are a good candidate, their understanding of the requirements, any past experience in a medical environment, and their current interest in pursuing a medical career in the future. Students shouldn't lie. It's okay not to know what they want to do at this point, but there should be a reason they would like to explore this field, specifically. There is no minimum word requirement.

Medical Practice Internship
$40 Application Fee Required with Submission
Required documents:

- Resume
- Letter of Interest

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What to Expect
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