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What do I get with

my monthly membership?

It doesn't matter if you do have insurance or you do not have insurance - for a low monthly price you have unlimited access with no extra fees or copays

  • Medication management

  • Referrals for imaging/labs

  • Referrals to specialists

  • Chronic condition management

  • Annual exams

  • LGBTQIA+ Health

  • Men & Women's Health

  • Physical clearances

  • Work/School Notes

  • Travel clearances

  • Depression / Anxiety / AD(H)D

  • Therapy referrals

  • Rapid testing: COVID, UTI, Flu

  • Urgent Care: minor Illness & injury

  • Communication via text

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Step 1

Find Your Rate

In-Clinic Memberships can be paid month-to-month, or you can choose your time commitment.

Note: Visits are unlimited. There is no cap on visits for either membership.

A minimum membership commitment is 3 months.

We do not bill insurance.

Adults $100/month ($1200/year)
Minors $40/month ($480/year)

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Step 2

Enroll One Person at a Time


Step 3(ish)

Customize your membership(s)
for your family or a group!



Thanks for your order!

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Step 4

Book your first appointment!



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